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Written by wendy ochoa   

Terroir: A Delicate Balance

Sign Ray William

How to describe the terroir of the wines that come from the ranch where one was raised? Our family came to the ranch in 1987 with 20 year-old Zinfandel vines already planted, and we soon planted an additional few acres to Cabernet.  The ranch is and always has been a working vineyard, and from the very beginning my memories never involved the vineyard in isolation from the rest of the ranch.  Whether they included the walnut grove next to the vines, the wild olives in the hills above, or the jackrabbits that ran through the lower vineyard, memories of the grapes coming from Tres Sabores have never existed in a vacuum.  Each new experience on the ranch reveals a little more of the world that surrounds the vineyard and the wines that come from it.

The ranch is an integrated system, meaning that no part of it is considered wholly separate from any other part; our wines reflect this character.  Does this mean that the reason one tastes blackberries in the cabernet is because we have three large blackberry patches nearby? Well, no. It’s probably not as simple as blackberries here = blackberries there. (Also, if that were the case, the cabernet would taste like sheep.)  The character of the ranch, what I feel to be the truest expression of terroir in our wines, is the sense of the integrated whole. The goal that we strive for in crafting our wines is to balance in our actions the influence of every element of the ranch: human, animal, plant, microbe, climate, location and soil.  The key word is balance, because without balance the wine loses its integration, and becomes clunky and one-dimensional.  To that end, we strive to make wines of balance and restraint, with intense yet delicate aromas and a structure that supports both long-term aging and immediate enjoyment.

A key element of this integration is our commitment to organic farming.  Organic farming is not the same thing as simply not using chemicals; if we did nothing in the vineyard but prune and pick grapes, the vines would be a disaster. Rather, the idea is to integrate the farming process with the other elements on the ranch, and to allow those other elements to do the work for you. Spiders and ladybugs keep pests in balance; owls and hawks keep birds in balance; cover crops and cultivation keep weeds in balance and allow us to avoid adding synthetic fertilizers. Without the wild olives on the hillside and jackrabbits running around, the owls and hawks would have little incentive to stick around and help out when the swarms of starlings come around in the fall.

This commitment to the integrated system is what gives our wines terroir—we recognize and welcome the influence of every part of the ranch in the crafting of our wines. Terroir is anything but one particular flavor or smell in a glass of wine, and defies reduction to both words and chemical components. For that reason we welcome you to visit the winery and see for yourself the care we put into our wines and the elements that influence our craft.



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