Harvest 2022!

If this picture looks like a joyful moment in the life of a winemaker (and mom, and grandmother) you’re absolutely and most ebulliently right!  Stomping on Pacific Ocean-esque (as in freezing!)  Sauvignon blanc grapes was quite the discovery experience for young Hal. (I think he’ll go back to picking cherry tomatoes and Pomegranates from the garden for now!)  But I have to say that when the temps spiked and the going got especially tough during this crazy harvest, it was wonderful to pull his youthful enthusiasm ‘out of my pocket’ and keep working! 

With the Sauvignon blanc, Picpoul, and Rosé fermentations complete and with healthy(!) red musts moving through fermentations in the bins, we’re looking forward to pressing out and barreling up some lovely wines!   At this writing, just a Cab Franc vineyard remains to finish up our challenging, early, but promising 2022 Vintage.